“Life is a maze full of discovery and exploration of yourself and the land which we inhabit”
- Jedess Hudson, First Nation artist

At Reef Unlimited, our vision is to create eco-friendly and exciting experiences that inspire people to connect with nature, stay active and challenge themselves. The protection and preservation of our working environment within the World Heritage Protected Areas is at the heart of our mission.

At GBR Biology, the marine research division of Reef Unlimited, we encompass sustainability and 21st century conservation ideology, ensuring that we understand the sites and reef locations that we are lucky enough to visit and work on every day.

We embrace First Nations history and capture the importance of culture and sea country across all our brands. Focusing on a dedicated approach to immersive and educational experiences, our team of marine and cultural specialists have created a selection of bespoke reef experience programs with a focus on Marine Science, First Nation Sea Country or Reef Conservation in Action.

Facilitating a connection and appreciation for the incredible environment we visit, those programs can be added on to non-exclusive group bookings, as well as private charter arrangements for each of our Great Barrier Reef experiences in Cairns and Port Douglas.

Come and allow our professional and experienced guides the opportunity to immerse you in the Great Barrier Reef, connecting you to the beauty of the reef through storytelling and making a positive impact on the Reef’s future!

Take your day on the Great Barrier Reef to the next level with our Reef Connect Program!


Join our ReefConnect Program and discover the Great Barrier Reef with Reef Unlimited’s
dedicated team of Marine Biologists and Cultural Guides


The Great Barrier Reef is a resilient structure, learn about the threats that Reefs globally are facing and the incredible programs that are building on this natural resilience.

Engage in research projects GBR Biology are conducting to increase understanding of the places we visit on the Great Barrier Reef.

Guests will receive specialized snorkeling tours with private marine biologists to escort them over projects such as our MARRS Stars.

This program has increased coral coverage in cyclone affected areas of our reef by over 50% in just a few short years. Other projects include the Crown of Thorns Starfish mitigation programs and water quality and sampling.


Immerse yourself in a 60,000-year-old culture. Before there was the Great Barrier Reef the Traditional Owner groups of the land and sea in which we work used the resources available to them.

Hear the creation stories of the Great Barrier Reef before diving in and learn about the modern management and uses of this incredibly diverse system.

Our Cultural Guides can also provide insight into traditional music, art, weapons, and shields. Both in and out of the water the guides are enthusiastic about sharing their culture with the world and open to answering questions about their culture and heritage.


The Great Barrier Reef is renowned for its biodiversity. Delve deeper into the things that make the reef tick. Food chains, plankton, adaptations, physical conditions.

Immerse your clients in hands-on learning about the Great Barrier Reef and give them the experience of being a Marine Biologist for a day.

Guests will collect data while snorkelling to help inform future management decisions on the Great Barrier Reef.

Reef Unlimited proudly gives back to the Great Barrier Reef community. Learn more about how your participation in our ReefConnect Program supports the cause of Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, Shoreline and Biopixel Oceans Foundation.

Add a reef connect program to your charter